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Helping our clients generate green, natural power.

AES Solar is a trusted installer, designer, and consultant in the renewable energy industry. Specialists in solar power, we have the expertise to consult on projects, serve as the general contractor, or tackle any civil or mechanical requirements as a subcontractor. We are a preferred installer for major racking manufacturers Solar FlexRack and Cosma International and are the first contact for any remediation work needed on completed sites. With our installations total running into countless millions of watts, we have earned the trust and confidence our customers place in us.

We are proud to be Algoma's foremost experts in renewable energy. We specialize in solar power and can help you with consulting, supply, design, and installation. From RVs and cabins to utility-scale systems, we have the solution for you.

Solar Power Systems

Our focus here is in renewable energy.


Off-grid solar is any situation where you aren't connected to a utility company's power system. Most commonly, this means cottages and recreational vehicles. We take a special interest in off-grid systems because here in northern Ontario, camping is a big part of our lives.

Whether you're running a generator or have no power at all, we can help. Renewable energy is not only less expensive than fuelling a generator, but easier and quieter.


Supplementing your home with a solar system is even more cost-effective than an off-grid system. When you're on utility power, you can forgo the relatively costly battery bank and simply write the power you generate off your power bill. This makes your solar system a simple and worry-free investment—it will add value to your property while paying itself off.

We are northern Ontario's answer for net-metered solar systems. If you're thinking about adding some value to your roof, we're here to lend you a hand.


In the commercial space anything goes, and we've seen it all. We've done giant off-grid systems as solutions for remote work sites. Large rooftop systems for commercial space net-metering. Countless millions of watts of utility-scale solar parks. Whatever your needs may be, we've been there. We're among Canada's best in the renewables industry and here for you as an exceptionally capable and accomplished contractor.

Our Services

We have extensive experience on projects of every scale, at every step of development. We can see you through your entire project, from the early planning stages to realization and maintenance.

Design and consultation

Our design team is well-versed in every type and scale of solar installations. We're here to tailor a system to your specific, individual needs.


Whatever your energy project may call for, we will get it to you. We work closely with a wide range of manufacturers and vendors to ensure we can cater to every need.


Our technicians have years of experience in both residential- and utility-scale projects—we've been building solar systems since the beginning of the industry.

Maintenance and remediation

We don't just build systems—we're well-known for our work on completed sites that require repairs, replacements, and reconstruction.

Civil site work

We've constructed dozens of utility-scale solar projects from start to finish, including access roads, fencing, and drainage.

...and more

We are also pretty well-versed in general contracting. We've built a number of homes and performed several interior renovations, both residential and commercial.



AES Solar is among the most experienced helical pile installers in Canada. We've done a lot of work in a lot of different areas, but we've likely installed more foundations than anything else. Utility-scale solar parks are typically based on helical pile foundations, and we're the industry's first contact for handling that job.

We own the biggest driver heads in the Algoma district and probably all of northern Ontario.

Racking and Modules

We've assembled more solar racking than we can keep track of. Whatever your needs may be, we have first-hand experience building it. We've build rooftop systems, ground-mounted, and multi-axis trackers—foundations, racking, modules, and connections.

Battery Systems

Most of our off-grid systems are accompanied by storage systems. These battery banks can be large and complicated, but we have built every configuration you could imagine.


27 yearssolar industry experience
1,000,000,000+watts installed
1100+projects completed
96%customer satisfaction

Some of our major clients have included:


This is just a brief summary of a few select jobs we've taken on.

Jazz Solar WFN Nursing Facility

Remediation | Wikwemikong, Ontario

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Grand Renewable Energy Park

Utility-scale system | Haldimand County, Ontario

Samsung Renewable Energy, Korea Power Electric Corporation (KEPCO) and Pattern Energy are developing the 250MW Grand Renewable Energy Park (GREP) within Haldimand County in south-western Ontario, Canada. The project, which has a value of approximately $7bn, consists of a 150MW wind farm and a 100MW photovoltaic (PV) solar farm. It received approval from the Canadian Ministry of Environment in June 2012. Construction began in November 2013 and was completed in January 2015.

New Liskeard Solar Parks

Utility-scale system | Temiskaming Shores, Ontario

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MacDonald Ave Plaza

Commercial rooftop system | Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

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Panasonic GreenLife G2

Remediation | Trent Lakes, Ontario

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HET Shop

Off-grid system | Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

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