RV Solar Kits

No power? No problem.

Our RV kits come with solar panels, inverters, roof-mounting charge controllers, and all the mounting hardware and cables to set it up. These systems allow you to charge your batteries when no shore power is available—while dry camping/boondocking. Batteries aren't included in the kits, but we can supply them separately. We've included for battery sizing suggestions for each kit, and would be happy work with you to tailor a system to your specific needs.

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RV solar kits in action


This package is affordable but powerful. The Algonquin kit contains a single solar panel, a 1000-watt inverter, charge controller, and all the mounting hardware and wiring you need. With an addition of two 100-200 amp-hour batteries, this system will power small appliances and devices—letting you run a blender or charge your cell phones, for example. More information


This is our recommended package, as it gives you the best cost performance. The Banff kit comes with two panels and a 2000-watt inverter, as well as the charge controller and cables. With four 200-400 amp-hour batteries, this system can bring life to your laptop, TV, coffee maker, microwave, and other small to mid-size appliances. More information


This is the package to satisfy high power requirements, suggested for cutomers seeking all the comforts of home. It offers three panels, bringing your RV 480 watts that can charge up a six-battery bank. This kit also features a more advanced single-unit inverter/charger. A system this size is capable of powering two TVs, two laptops, a coffee maker, hair dryer, toaster, and more. More information

Batteries and installation not included; package covers product supply only. Call or email us for a battery and/or installation inquiry. Prices listed in Canadian dollars. Prices subject to change without notice.